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  • Olympia Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Skunks Out Of Window Well

How to Get Skunks Out Of Window Well

How to Get Skunks Out Of Window Well

Due to horrible smells of Washington skunks coupled with damages they can cause to your property, you need not to allow them to stay where around you. Scaring them away from your window well will just be the best thing for you to do so as to avoid being at risk of destructions these critters can cause. However, you must ensure that you employ humane tactics while getting them away so as to avoid killing them which may be against the Washington law in your Olympia area.

Why Skunks Easily Fall Inside Window Well
One of the major reasons why Olympia skunks stay around homes and gardens is always food. They are always in constant search for food that they can even danger their lives for that. When you find skunks in your well, you should not think that they are trying to make shelter out of the well, you need to know that they just fell in accidentally without any way to get out of the well. Indeed, in their bid to get insects, they normally go round foundation of a Washington home and in most case, they do not notice presence of window well until they find themselves inside the well.

One of the Easiest Ways to Get Skunks Out Of Your Window Well
It is really annoying seeing Olympia skunks inside window well but that notwithstanding, you must get them out in order to be on the safe side. If your window well is shallow that is about two feet deep, the easier way to get them out of the well is to use a piece of wood. More so, you can just put wooden board down on the window well so that skunk can climb out of the well for you can remove them. You can equally use a snare pole to remove the animal away from your window well.

Make Use of Excursion Barrier to Keep Skunks Away From Window Well
This is one of the humane ways to keep skunks from getting into your window well. They will not even be able to get close to your window well let alone fallen inside it. In that you will save yourself the stress involved in dealing with the stinks from the animal.

Shoot Skunks and Remove it from your Window Well Before going ahead to apply this method, you must first of all confirm Washington's animal control legislation in your Olympia area so as to avoid getting yourself into trouble. More so, shooting skunks in order to get them out of your well should be last option when other options proved abortive.

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